What I hear from Brides about Bridesmaids & Best Mates

I get to chat a lot to the Brides I make for, particularly in the fittings, while I'm pinning hems and pulling in waists, we chat about the other arrangements for the wedding. I love it, it's great to hear the exciting ideas, plus I'm happy to be the neutral 'ears' when brides are having issues with plans.

One thing I love the best is when the bridesmaids or besties come to the fittings to share their opinion on the dress & style, or help choose fabrics, or just BE there for their best mate, and part of organising such a significant part of their life. It always gets me when the bestie grins so hard the tears subtly roll out of the corners of the eyes, and hugs ensue (good, happy tears of course!). I remember this moment when one of my Best mates got married, and the gasp from us as she stepped out of the changeroom was firstly 'it's beautiful!' then the reality of 'wow it's your wedding' and then a sigh, as this is that moment where all of your awesome memories come together in a big picture, and you are at your happiest for your friend. There's rarely another time this happens - of course yes on the big day, but there's often lots happening, and it's also not just your friend's day, but her partners as well.

The other fun times is of course then hen's do, and the getting ready in the morning before the ceremony. The besties/bridesmaids are the right people to have around when you're at your most anxious, and you need the comic relief, from the people who know you best, and are the most grateful to be at your big event. They also know what other dresses you've worn and can tell if you're uncomfortable, or a certain fabric reminds you of a dull event, all essential when choosing your gown.

The bigger picture here, is to reflect on how important good friends are in your life, the ones who are truly there for you, closer than family (at times) and when things get tough, they are still that loyal mate, who despite any of your own faults and downfalls, will still love you, and be super proud to be there with you, as bestie love is the deepest love of all...x

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