The Art Of Wedding Gowns

When chatting to another Wedding Dress Designer, we both agreed that creating custom wedding gowns is as close to 'being paid to creating art' as you can get. It involves both engineering, as most fabrics won't behave the way you want, plus understanding and communicating what the bride is seeing in her mind, to bring it to reality. Part sculpter, part exhibitor.

Once beginning the small scale instillation, ideas and inspiration are researched (Pinterest) with much review of 'what clothing already looks good on you' (Facebook). Sometimes further Research & Development is necessary (Instagram) and then the initial template begins. We use basic pattern templates to begin a dress, and build the design onto a mannequin, by draping fabric to check the initial design doesn't get forgotten along the way, and to ensure the proportions suit the wearer. Should that waistline be 2cm higher to compliment the bust?

Once that foundation is strong and sturdy, the longest process is often the hand-stitching of beading, or particular parts of lace. This is my favourite part, as it's one of the only jobs that is calming, and pretty to look at all day. And hour by hour, the sculpture starts to become her own story of someone's life, totally unique and about to show the close friends and family, the joy this woman found with her partner to be.

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