Nervous About Custom Made?

Brides often dream about their wedding gown, but sometimes finding it is harder than first expected. After shopping around, many brides come to visit us inquiring about Custom Made, just to check on price to see if it may be worth their investment, to get exactly what they want. Sometimes it works within time frames, and sometimes not, but here's a list of things to have a think about if you are looking to get your dress made:

  • Have I invested enough time trying on Ready Made dresses in Bridal Stores to see which styles I like and dislike?
  • Do I have enough time to get something made?
  • What fabrics do I like (soft/floaty or structure/body) and which do I want to stay away from?
  • Do I absolutely love the design, or would I be happy with some changes?
  • Do I have any friends who got a dress custom made? What was their experience?

At Kristie Slater Bridal we are happy to take the time with you, to answer any questions and help you achieve what you need to for your big day! Call or text us on 0408913387, or send through an email on our Contact Form along with your inspiration pics.


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